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RB App Checker

  less than 1 minute read

This tiny yet powerful app lets us check the iOS application for the certificates, requirements and entitlements, embedded provisioning profiles, auxiliary e...

Install a trusted CA in Android N

  1 minute read

It’s very trivial to install a user-trusted certificate on Android. Under Settings -> Security you can install new trusted certificates. However, this cre...

Handy Android code snippets

  less than 1 minute read

This blog post is a memo of handy Android code snippets that I found particularly useful in programming and hacking.

Useful Magisk modules

  less than 1 minute read

MagiskHide Props Config Even on a rooted Android phones, you won’t be able to debug your apps if they are built as non-debuggable. In order to work around th...

Frida cheat sheet

  5 minute read

Frida is particularly useful for dynamic analysis on Android/iOS/Windows applications. It allows us to set up hooks on the target functions so that we can in...